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Hocico is a Mexican aggrotech group. The duo was officially formed in 1993 by Erik Garcia a.k.a Erk Aicrag (lyrics & vocals) and Oscar Mayorga a.k.a. Racso Agroyam (Programming), but both cousins had been experimenting with electronic music, mixing Industrial and EBM, since they were fifteen years old. Their music can be described as dark and aggressive electronica or more specifically as aggrotech. Their lyrics are mostly Spanish although some songs are in English. The Spanish word hocico means snout and is a derogatory term that indicates ugliness (e.g., ugly as a dog's snout), and is used in phrases like cállate el pinche hocico, meaning shut your damn mouth.


- Racso Agroyam
- Erk Aicrag


01. A Traves De Mundos Que Arden DVD (2006)
02. Scars Ltd. MCD (2006)
03. Blasphemies in the Holy Land (Live in Israel) CD (2005) Limited to 2000 copies.
04. Wrack and Ruin 2LP (2004) Limited to 1000 copies.
05. Wrack and Ruin Ltd. 2CD (2004)
06. Wrack and Ruin CD (2004)
07. Born to be (Hated) 12" (2004) Limited to 500 copies.
08. Born to be (Hated) MCD (2004)
09. Hate Never Dies: The Celebration 4CD (2003) Limited to 2500 copies.
10. Hate Never Dies: The Remix Celebration (2003)
11. Disidencia Inquebrantable MCD (2003)
12. Signos de Aberracion (2002)
13. Untold Blasphemies MCD (2001)
14. Aquí y Ahora en el Silencio (2000)
15. Sangre Hirviente (1999)
16. Los Hijos del Infierno (1998) Limited to 500 copies.
17. Cursed Land MCD (1998)
18. El Dia de la Ira (1998)
19. Odio Bajo el Alma (1997)
20. Triste Desprecio Demotape (1996)
21. Autoagresión Persistente Demotape (1994)
22. Misuse, Abuse and Accident Demotape (1993)

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