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Helloween - Save Us 512

Music + lyrics: K. Hansen]

Too late to call for the priest
he is not here anymore
we look at the age of the beast
and we've seen its vast armies form
hear our call

Chorus: Please, save us
please, save us

In permanent madness we live
no time for life and for love
to take is the rule, not to give
insanity comes from below
to take us all

Chorus: Please, save us
please, save us

We believe that the phenomena of nature
are the expression of infinitive intelligence
we express our belief that all forms of life
are manifestations of spirit
and thus, all men are children of God

Far from down below one comes prepared to take us all
waiting for his future and the final call

[Solo: Both/Kai/Mike/Both]

We stand on the edge of the world
just one step more and we fall
guide us and please take our hands
without you we're weak and alone
hear our call

Chorus: Please, save us
please, save us


[Solo licks: Kai]

Save us--from the gods of thunder
Save us--from the dogs of war
Save us--from the creeping nightmares
Save us--from the evil's course
Save us--from our own ignorance
Save us--from the man in black
Save us--from the desolation
Save us--from the hate attack
Save us--oh please
Save us--please save us
Save us--oh please
Save us--now
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