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Gathering, The - A Life All Mine

Razor sharp I cut

The bull from my life

Too blunt your knife

To slay this dreamer

We might be dogs astray

No running line will hold us

So rather kick and kill me

I'll be butchered all the same

No words are spoken

But the world is broken

'Cause I want something

Something all wrong done

A life instead of mere living

Folding crumbling withering oh hell

What difference when working the way

The crown of my work

Is what I shall gain

At the end of my days

Daylight awake to a puppet world

No strings attach to this body of mine

Folding crumbling withering oh well

The punished pushed along the line

All my actions, all my moves

A life all mine to lose

The crown of my work

A life all mine to lose

A life all mine

Is what I choose

At the end of my days
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