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Esqarial - Kill All Of Them

Look into the face of danger, I know how to make a dead

I don't want to make a deal, might be murdered in your bed


Make them deaf, make them blind - Tooth for tooth, eye for eye <i>[x2]

Make them die <i>[x2]

Don't touch me when I'm dead, can't believe that I'm here

Cold in the arms of the dead, leave me now, admit your fear

I know all the words of power, all about the witching hour

I know the reason why you're scared and here comes your nightmare


[Solos: Pajak]

Wake up, don't run, I'm here, I came to kill you my dear

You could start to dig your grave, slaughter in the room, make my bleeding day

I'd like to feel a pleasure to kill, easy to be cruel, hard to be kind

Tell me what do you feel, your slowly death is make me glad


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