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Deine Lakaien - Sometimes

Waves in low tide
Sounds of the night
And my memories echo: "Back again!"

Stranger that I am
In my own land
Where no one will remember my name.

When you hear me calling -
Will you be there?
When you see me falling -
Will ... will you be there?

Time was the force
Brought me back on course
In the darkness, distant fires on the strand.

Time's my disguise
Against hostile seeking eyes
And the waves wipe out my footprints in the sand.

Chorus: ...

When - call - will - there 2x
When - fall - will
When - call - will - there
When - fall - will - there
When - call - will
When - fall - will ... there - will - there
When - call 2x

Now my time has come
RETURN into the sun
'Cause I've always been searching for you

If I win, if I lose
No charge, no excuse
All my wanderings will show: "My aims are true!"

Chorus: ... 2x
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