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Deicide - Trick Of Betrayed

They will say that he loves you, he don't
From their bible they're controlled
His descent they expect in our life
They'll be waiting will they die
Disembark from their path of belief
It in Turn will set you free
Cannot live with the fact that they're wrong
That there is no truth in god
Trick of betrayed
Their faith ends in pain
Rip their bible before it's too late
Time we undo unity
For it is for fools
In this world we won't need
Trick of betrayed
I think you should know
They know it's true
THat their book is a hoax
Join us to see through the light
Christ is a scheme and will ruin your life
Trick of betrayed
Why insist on the cross died for us
His infliction never was
They assume that his death brought them life
To be dead will change their minds
When you see what you feel is not real
Disappointment is revealed
Cannot live with the fact that they're wrong
There is no such thing as god
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