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Jethro Tull - I'm Your Gun

Blew my smoke on a sunny day
When the first black powder came my way.
Hot lead ball from a muzzle cold
To win fair lady and take your gold.

I know it hardly seems the time
(I am your gun.)
To talk of blue steel so sublime.
(I am your gun.)
I can understand your point of view.
(I am your gun.)
To tell the truth I'd scare me too.

Match wheel and flintlock; they all caught your eye;
Pearl-handled ladies' model, scaled down to size.
I am the peacemaker, so the theory goes
But I don't choose the company I keep, and it shows.

(I am your gun.)
(Drop me, I'm your gun.)

Maxim and Browning, they helped me along.
[???] thrill to my song.
Now one of me exists for each of you,
So how can you blame me for the things that I do?

Now I take second place to the motor car
(I am your gun.)
In the score of killing kept thus far.
(I am your gun.)
Just remember if you don't mind:
(I am your gun.)
It's not the gun that kills, but the man behind.

(I am your gun.)
(I am your gun.)
(I am your gun.)
(I am your gun
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