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Therion - Abraxas

Eros and Thanatos are brances on the same old tree

Rooted in the soil of shadow and light

If God was seperated from the dark twin, the Devil

Could he ever know the soul of mankind?

We want a new god called Abraxas!

Enter the Pleroma and see that nothingless is all

And you must destroy a world to be born

Alpha and Omega are the beginning and the end

United in the shape of Abraxas

Darkness and the light

Sermones ad Mortous, empty fullness

Abraxas, your words is a riddle to be solved

You bear the mark of Cain

And you are fighting like a bird

(To) free you from the egg, the egg is all the world

The Sermon to the Dead

A gospel to another life

Hear the words of Cain, the sinner and the saint

The grave is a flower

And you are dying to be born

Baptized by fire and you will slough your skin

The sign of Abraxas

The circle of the solar year

Deep in the winter you'll see the sun be born
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