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Siouxsie And Banshees, The - Obsession

Do you hear this breath -- it's an obsessive breath
Can you feel this beat -- it's an obsessive heartbeat
Waiting to be joined with its obsession

I close my eyes -- but I can't sleep
The thin membrane can't veil
The branded picture of you
The signs and signals show -- the traffic lights say go
Again you baffle me, pretending not to see... me

I broke into your room -- I broke down in my room
Touched your belongings there -- and left a lock of my hair
Another sign for you
You screamed into my face -- get the hell out of my place
Another sign for me?
Can you forgive me?
For not understanding your ways

You know sometimes you take it all too far
Then I remember -- it's a game between you and me
A divine test for us two It's all in my imagination
Yes they even say that our mission... is only
My obsession

Do you hear this breath -- it's an oppressive breath
Suffocating in the poison -- of your obsession
Can you feel this beat -- it's a possessive beat
Your pulse stops in the claws -- of your obsession
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