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Sins Of Thy Beloved, The - My Love

I'm standing on the edge

the edge of sanity

all I feel is emptiness

my mind will never

mourn in peace

After all the tears

through all the years

I'm still by your side

in the land we cry

after all the FIGHTS

beyond the lies

when you want the best

if only I could have guessed

I must admire

my mind today




You will never understand

my pain my suffering

if only you could feel

what your hate does to me

my will to LIVE is weaker every day

to behave you all right

to close my eyes

And now the time has come

for me to face the end of my misery


ANGEL of mercy carry me away


you name it sadness

you cannot explain

the sign of ???

I TRIED so far to change

I TRIED to realize

??? I know


All life must die

my life still change

or stop today

all my dreams are lost
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