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Prodigy - Leave Me Alone

(original by dr. dooom aka kool keith; remixed by leeroy thornhill)


Yeah, to all my fans, for people who dont know

What Ive been going through to make my own, yeah...

Now its time to hurt your feelings as I upset music industry fans

Hey yo my man, look at my hands, they look human, right?

You think Im a monster, ill circus clown, Im not a specimen

Dont look at me funny when I come around

And yall been trying to figure me out for years

Trying to reduplicate me, but they cant, so they hate me

While white boys rub the heads of black music with a japanese assistant

What does a chinese kid know about the rap game, its a shame

As I see em watching bet

Theres a million of creative rappers tryin to be me

Im starting to feel like jimi hendrix

When they cover the story who started rock

Magazines put blankets over my interviews

They dont want to see me on channel 7 news

Tellin the truth of the project group

Which they always have secret spies in with eyes

Watchin me record my album, sending producers with wack tracks

And dats, messin up my whole format

Can you imagine doing something that would need more to function

With an alternative hippy kid from the record label watchin your back

Talkin about mariah careys honky

Makin an average group buck dance like a barrel full of monkeys

While I break out to do the shopping, boy

Youre makin a quick phone call

About my sound is too new and different

I need to be a regular like dru hill, a little more ill

Hey keith we want you to be ill!

Yeah, leave me alone!

Hey keith, we want you to be ill!

Of course Im hard to work with, cos youre hard to work with

I dont wanna be the insane clown posse and collaborate

Im tryin to innovate and think quick at a fast rate

Why you mad? cos Im original?

You cant do the material

When I sit back and watch you act big

Spend your budget on your video

Im in one of my 3 luxury apartments eating raisin bran cereal

While you front, lo Ill take my white rhyme down to worlds fargo

How longs it gonna take?

900 thousand and clear, talkin with a clerk

I dont need a binge this year

Took care of my paperwork

Take the united taxi out to vegas

While the average rnb group is doing a promo concert

Ignoring your phone calls from broke labels

Who try to put out underground mcs

Try to get me to rap on a wacky-ass track with one g

How dare you try to insult me?

I got 40 grand for 3 minutes to write a song with prodigy

Other crews dont get, but you got the nerve to call me welcome to the business

Stand as a witness, work on your stomach, use physical fitness

I aint playin all this african stuff, all look the same

I dont need a joe neckbone puttin his artwork on my cd

Enjoyin apple jacks and honeycomb, with me sittin on the throne

No, Im takin the regular picture by the hotel saint bonaventure

Besides I do wear a cold blue winter

And eat at beautiful resturants... yeah!

Yeah, leave me alone!

Hey keith, we want you to be ill!

Why you think I should wear a motorcycle helmet?

Why dont you wear it?

Put on some wings like a parrot

Lets discuss this contract

Why are you hypin up a normal female group with fat cellulite that sound wack

Most of yall goin out like uncle toms, like louis armstrongs

Wearin a tattoo and born on stage like tracy chapman

I canceled a big tour cos I was prepared

Youre on the roll with your damn money and yare all scared

Why yall walkin, look hard like your manager got your name

All over your versatile card

And plus, this video treatment sucks

The fishlens effect

The lens to the camera only costs 100 bucks

Look at the director trying to tell me what to do

Ive done this before

14 degrees freezing cold doin poppa large with a cage over my head, thats dead

Dont get your imagination too messed up

Im wearing a yankee hat and a starter

Im not dressing up

How you gonna tell me what to wear?

I dont need mascara and a stylist

Save that for a big rock group like pantera

Experience, next plateau, mercury, wild pitch, emi, capitol, dreamworks

Never got robbed, put my lyrics away and stuffed

Too many people with hands in my projects

Havin fantasies of me being superman, you actin stupid man

Im like prince

You might see me once every 5 years at the record company

While most of you live at the label beggin for your rent and car notes to be paid

Under the table doing routine dances for advances

Oooh... youve been involved...

Yeah, leave me alone!

Hey keith, we want you to be ill!
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