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Ministry - Quick Fix By Ministry

These are not the *official* lyrics, these are only my BEST guess,
send all corrections to:

Put it country simple,
Earth has a lot of things other folks might want,
like the whole planet.
And maybe these folks would like a few changes made,
like more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,
and room for their way of life.
We've seen this happen before,
right in these United States.
Your way of life destroyed the Indians,
gave them reservations and schools.
Well, my observation is ticklish.
I'm with the invaders,
no use trying to hide that.
And at the same time I disagree
with some of the things they are doing.
Oh, we're not united any more than you are.
Conservative faction is set on nuclear war
as a solution to the, uh, personel.

Others disagree [x3]

I don't claim my motives are 100% humane,
but I do say if we can't think up anything quieter,
and tighter, than that, we aren't all that much
better than you Earthlings.

There is no place else to go,
The theater is closed.

There is no place else to go,
The theater is closed.

Got word lines, got music lines,
smash the control images,
smash the control machine
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