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Helloween - Livin¹ Ain¹t No Crime 443


Come hither to this place and left your minds fly free
For that¹s the only way how everyone should be
We all need something that we can keep on living for
No one needs to tell us what we¹re doing anymore

Chorus :
Head on, head on steady - until the end of time
Living, living ready - for living ain¹t no crime

So tell me, aren¹t we all just on holding the flame
Against all babbits in this world who build up frames
Sometime or tomorrow we will prove them traitors wrong
So make your dreams come true for it musn¹t take too long

Repeat chorus

Solo : both / Kai / Mike

Now what¹s the use of living here and what¹s it worth
Don¹t ask but throw away your fear enjoy this earth
You are here to live don¹t think you¹re here to understand
Don¹t forget you¹re no one without someon¹s helping hand

Repeat chorus

Typin' job done by Pierre-Jean Fontaine. July 31 1995.
I haven¹t an Internet address, but you can write to me at :
Pierre-Jean Fontaine
Avenue Bel Horizon 48
B-1341 Ottignies
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