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Helloween - I Believe

Michael Kiske)

Give me two strong arms to fight my enemies
Give me two strong eyes to see the truth
Give me two strong legs I think I have to run
And fill my heart with faith that I won¹t lose
I don¹t wanna lose

Give me one real love that I don¹t freeze out there
Make me feel your presence in the night
Give me one strong heart that tells me when I lie
And take my soul so I won¹t have to hide
I don¹t wanna hide

It¹s so cold deep down here
I know we had to fall
Souls are dying everywhere
But whatever I do I believe ...

There¹ll be no reason to live
Without you giving me light
There is so much that you give
Your love is shining so bright

I believe...

I wanna love but I always hate
I wanna give but I always take
Won¹t you to laugh but I make youc ry
Maybe I won¹t change until I die
It¹s so much easier said than done
I know I can¹t just always run
Got so much anger inside of me
I understand but I think I see what I¹m not
I know it¹s true what J.C. said
I got it all clear in my head
Seems we were born to be unfair
I am a sinner that¹s starting to dare to believe
Give me your hand until the end
And I will walk into the promised land
I don¹t deserve anything you do
But I can¹t stop loving you

No more lies, no false religions
No more whys and wrong God missions
No shiny T.V. priests begging for cash
No more wars that no God¹s ever asked for

There¹s a way back out of here
One day we¹re goin¹ home
Tell everyone who wants to hear : Whatever you do :
Do believe, I believe, we believe, believe oh
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