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Exodus - War Is My Shepherd

[Music (G. Holt) Lyrics (G. Holt & S. Souza)]

You put your faith in Chrstianity

I put mine in artillery

My M-16, my lord and savior

Christ never done me a motherfucking favor


Pay for all of those in pain

For those who died in vain

Scars from battle nevermore

Still we march off to




War is my shepherd

Hate it if we can't comprehend it

Kill it if we don't understand it

Pray to god and your fate is sealed

As you die alone in the killing fields

[Repeat Chorus]

[Solo - G. Holt]

Farwell, Graham and Farahkahn

They need god, I nedd napalm

Praise the lord and pass the ammunition

My sermon is my demolition

[Solo - R. Hunolt]


War is

War is my

War is my shepherd
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