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Evanescence - Your Secret Admirer (Solitude)

How many times have you told me you love her
As many times as I wanted to tell you the truth
How long have I stood here beside you
I lived through you you looked through me
Who's solid suit still with me is only you
Who's solid suit I can't stay away from you

How many times have I done this to myself
How long will it take before I see
When will this hole in my heart be mended
Who there is left alone by me
Who's solid suit forever me and forever you
Who's solid suit only you only true
Everyone leaves me stranded
Forgotten, abandoned, .left behind
I can't stay here not enough time

Your secret admirer
Who could it be
OOOH can't you see your the one
It was me how can you be so blind
Just to see right to me
And you started to stealin' me
And only you
Who's solid suit I could stay away from you
And who's solid suit forever me forever you
Who's solid suit only you and only two
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