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Dragon - Down Bottom


Ha, ha, ha
Oh, damn
Now bop to this
Oh yeah
Ya'll know what this is
Flame on
Flame on
And now swizz, swizz beatz yeah

Verse 1
Me and my niggas done licked shots
Even done hit cops
Bet ya'll niggas can't wait till my shit drop
Treat you like your moma given' lip to pop
Nigga you don't want my paper drop
Cause that means i'm empty
And your full of it
Check what the bullet did
Missiles gonna hit you get you
Rip through tissue
Should have never rhymed this cause i miss you
I make plus cash
Ya'll little niggas can't fuck wit drag
Got the chain out
So it's bust and grab
Nigga fuck that
You better bust back
'fore ya nigga ask back where the vest at
Rock like a girl but you can't trust cash
Spit like a fire but you can't touch black
All you can do is cuss back
And read back how you bust gats
Nigga we don't need that
I don't care about your feed back
Ya'll niggas don't feed drag
Tell a motherfucker pull out
Bust a bullet out
In ya safe house
Nigga where the keys at
Nigga where the stash at
Nigga where the weed at
Nigga pass that 'fore i pull my trigger
Mater fact where the ass at
Cause i got the ruff ryders
And i aint talkin bout my niggas
Nigga we can go hoe for hoe
Toe to toe
Blow for blow
And when you fell your nose crack
That mean i broke that
I'm fittin to po-po wit a flame thrower like i told yo' befo' ya know
You can't handle it
You can put me on wax but my fire burn candles
And who that nigga ruff rydin'
Ya'll niggas and south siders

Do ya'll niggas bust ya'll guns
Hell yeah we bust our guns
Do you fuck them 'till they cum
Damn right we make them cum
It's for the north (hey)
South (hey)
East (hey)
West (hey)
Ruff ryders gonna show ya'll niggas who rides the best


Verse 2
In the late night
We be cockin high givin' you stage fright
Yo' head might explode
When i bust with the lead pipe
And i say right
Juvenile hey tight
Stay hype
Now page mike and make sure he got all the yeah aight
I'm tired of niggas be thinkin that you usein' me
Runnin with them petty ass niggas lookin' like fools to me
I'm workin wit some change ha
And aint afraid to put 50 up on ya brain ha
You 'bout warin' over ya people i'm the same ha
Look i'ma have some body sayin' thats the shame game
But if them people come they aint gonna give no names ha
Playin' with the number one son don't play no games ha
Come outside don't see nothin' but camoflage and bricks
Yo' get some boys straped with (ban)danas tryin knock off yo' shit
Ya stankin' bitch
I ruff ryde your ass then
Cashin' for money
Juve aint gettin nothin'
Ha, ha, ha that shit is funny

(repat chorus 2x)

Verse 3
When my niggas get knocked we gonna bail them out
When it come to my gun my shells is out
You better get the message cause i done mailed it out
I'ma bang like a hammer and i'ma nail us out
East west the right
This for my niggas up north
My guns made in china so you better dust off
Cause when they getcha you gonna be ketchup
I always got chedder
I never ass bet ya'
And i won't even sweat ya'
We roll much larger and better
My dough is never low
But if drag is down on his last
I'ma reach in my sweater bet my baretta
Make a nigga feel heat in cold weather
Can't stand a nigga hype
Throw me his bitch
Bitch come to my shit
You betta come get her
Be like a dog with a bone i run with her
Ya'll make me so tired
Ya'll niggas still rappin' like ya'll don't know my flows fire
Ya'll aint got ya'll boots
Aint got ya'll suits probaly got a gun that aint never shoot
When they come you better hope they don't name you
Cause like two sticks rubbin' i'll flame you
Don't try to be me cause i aint you
'fore i have your spirits with the angels
My shorty keep a gun on the ankles
Wana fuck watch out she will bang you
Cause i taught her well
Ya'll players better haul to hell
But you niggas couldn't borrow a belt
Who evers wit you is gonna jail
Is you niggas bustin' guns or you aint bustin' none ha
You want to fuck'em till they cum ha
Drag-on juvenille double up what you want ha

(repeat chorus 4x)
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