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Cradle Of Filth - Hurt Virtue

Distant vistas

Swathed in the haze

Of the reddening sunset

Fell to whispers

neath stars that marred descending skies

From the cusp of midnight mountains

Wending as a mist

Rebels truced with feriluce

(in truth, few could resist)

Came praising his hellraising through

The sparse and marble clime

Where virtue bathed, their ravings made

Her fountains flood with wine

Lifted with the gift

Of their dark seductive songs

She drifted from the path

She was surely set upon

Courting chaos

Prized in sight

Of the covering angel

Taught in ways of

Smothering another lover

Other than god

Worshipped in each others arms

Like spider eidolons

The moon conducted like a charm

Those strange attachments on

And this is how they came to be

Dragged before the throne

Through tongues that hung whilst theirs were run

On soft white throats and punctured moans

Though fated now than later

By his tutor that had been

He baited the creator

With the future he had seen

Of michael, psyched with jealousies

A reich right by his side

And worming man about to be

The apple of his eye

His children lost to free will

And the cost of beaten hearts

Like the night twixt vice and virtue

When her kiss became a scar

Seraph enemies

Why has my lord forsaken my judgment

Am I not free as he to indulge my darkest fantasies?

From embittered lips

These words were slaved

Split with the whips

Of their witch hunt gathered

He sought her grave

Midst drowning crowds that howled in rage...



Though she was gone

Not lyriced to the song of their spirited throng

But ghosted back where she belong...

A grace embracing michael

In a lace of tears that bleared his pride

He swallowed

Blood followed

Though with spit for all things divine

Though with spit for all things so fucking blind

His seal he tore

And to the floor

He threw this tie to heaven

Signifying holy war

And watchful of this sign

A thousand flames, unauthorised

Left celestial posts

To coalesce and, unified

Return their fallen leader

As he turned one final time

And threw a glance

Like a downward lance

That stung like guilt in every mind
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