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Cradle Of Filth - Dusk Her Embrace

Rise, ablaze, libidinous

Devildom voyeurs

Ascend to smother the light

Nascent aeons confer....

Chaos is spat

From the black eternal sea

Serrated mountains of mad shadows

Carving towards misdeed

Stormchoirs gather

A pestilential hiss

Sunset evokes luciferian fire

The skies are ruptured like a knifed orifice

Supernal vestments hang tattered

Cathedrals shriek to pulpit oratory

Invasions scale babels ivory towers

Poised to sodomise a world upon its knees

(victory spent

Breathe deep benighted scent)

We are as a flame born unto the darkness

Desires burning in palatial glades

And virtues once aloof, now worming beneath us

Shalt see their children, pleasuring as slaves....


Wreak atrocities on those we have despised

Judgements be riven, from the skies

Darkness empower let us master prophecy

Fulfilling destiny - the promised fever

Bedizens eyes paralysed with blasphemy

Written in flesh across the howling ether


Spread the bliss of this lupercalia

With stars erased, throw wide the gates

The infidel soon unmasks her face

Neath silken shroud she waxes horn

Sharpened to skewer dawn....

I am as a plague, born to the priestess

The secret amour of her archangelic rape

Jaded-eyed when my lovers, possessed

Screamed out their agonies, upon the stake

the most august sorcerers of hades

Darkly seized for me a throne

And the upraised scythe so terribly scribed

Vengeance in jesuit blood on stone

From this ransacked celestial temple

I hold the prophets severed head unto all nations

Tremble before us

Lords of the star-veiled red sepulchres

Rushing deathwards, our tartarean fires

Kindle pandemonia to furnace the earth

our voices are opened graves

Through which the never-dead escape

From dank, abyssic dream

Pursuing ascendancy....

The enemy has held three seasons

Imparadised, whilst we writhed

To psycho-dramas penned by aerial decree

Now freed to plunder....

Heaven torn asunder
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