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Castle Party 2020
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Covenant - 2 D

I am the big man restless the living past and future
a fraction of a second and now is lost forever
my mirror image a picture in the static
transcending through the present a fracture in the rhythm

electric icon culture in twenty frames a second
bright confusion controlling my emotions
I keep my mind sedated with useless calculations
I see that time is endless and shrink to insect size

I leave the flow of time
free from gravitation
I leave the flow of time
free from respiration

in segments days are passing relentless as a legion
yet silent like assassins a poison in my bloodstream
reluctant but impatient I sit and measure minutes
so conscious counting fragments my lasting moments vanish

my mode of operation is two-dimension thinking
I keep my world from growing ignoring all perspective
in perfect isolation I freeze my lust for learning
in stillness beauty lingers as rivers in the winter

my senses tuned to nothing a nervous system shutdown
in blissful meditation I'm safe from stimulation
I don't believe in heaven and science can not help me
retreating from the living I leave the flow of time
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