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Autumnblaze - DRYADSONG


Dryadmother angelic queen
Enhanced by thy mellow lily-scent
She is weeping marble rain
Still her childrens worldly bane

Honeydwarves and steeds of bronze
Yellow-red orchids with universe horns
Alas! Well loose our majesty
For strangers have stained the gardeners key

Golden fairies
Fervant arcs of silent woe
Ebon water
Sent by bitter elfin-bows

Flaring chants of a nightspawn iris
Candlelight fields in violet dew
Spiritodes were onc so close
Ashamed of mortal dreamless view

Like a starving deer I shun
To drown in wintercharm as one

Thy rainbow sighs
Pale and weary
Crowned by falcon swarms
And widowed evengold

Bloodveiled moor
Wildgrown fairydome
Mirrored countenance
Portrait of the dryads home
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