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Atreyu - Your Private War

For my whole life, I have been burning down bridges
my only problem was foresight
I was standing on them, I never looked down
and know I am, knee deep in your bullshit
if you're ready for battle im ready for war
so we can dance if you want(lies)
how easily we are deceived, how easily we believe (lies)

I will not run out of ammo, no more bowing my head
if every day is another slug, I will pull them out of my chest x2

so raise your voices and hold your hopes up high
tell your stories run your mouth and tell your lies

After all this time, dont wash my blood off of your hands
let it crack and stain you, so the outside can match the in
oh does it make you the fucking toast of the town
to pull yourself up, on those your always putting down

Chorus x2

you curse my name burn down my house
as I bear my soul you cast your doubt, and I can live without

your passing judgement, with side long glances
am I spitting hairs or do I dare to say, you've had your chances x2

Chorus x2

Curse my name x4

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