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Amon Amarth - Ride For Vengeance

As his life's blood's leaving. i hold my son, my only son. and tears fill my burning eyes.

While his skin turns pale as snow. butchered he lies here bleeding in my arms. slewn by the men of the single god. hatred burns in my chest.

Rain falls, from a raging heaven. the wind howls like wolves at the moon. i will seek vengeance for my son. i swear i'll avenge my first born one.

I ride fast through the woods. my friends are by my side. dark hatred burns in my eyes. "slaves of hvitekrist today you die!"

"maktiga gudar, i gyllene salen. hjalp mig i striden mot sondraparna. den hoge skall. for huggen hamnas och blod skall galdos i blod"

Our cloaks fly in the wind. as we ride in the cold dark night. we're closing in our enemies. with rage in our hearts burning bright.

The clouds scatter in the northern wind. a full moon rides the pitch black sky. "now, hounds of hviterkrist, your time has come to die!"

"kneel before my sword! no mercy! your time has come to die! this is the ride for vengeance!"
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