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Sentenced - Under the Suffer

I know of a heaven...
and damn sure...
I know of a Hell...
if you could take a look into this fighter's mind...
the things you'd see.
What would you think?
How would you feel?
If you could really know me... mmm...
Can you see this Hell I feel inside?
A tragedy in a human mind.

That's what I am!!!
So turn away, turn away and go.
Turn away while you still can.
Turn away.

The way I'm gonna go is not the way you want to go!
This reign that I have built myself,
over the years, will crumble down me.
Life's double edged sword gives both pleasure and pain.
And it's MY cross to be carried!!!
Can you see this chaos-ridden mind?
This tragedy, this tragedy of a human mind.

That's how I am!!!
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