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Atrocity - Abyss Of Addiction

In the dark night, pleasures arise
Searching for lust, thirst for sex
The oldest business, in this world
Shows itself, a whole night long

She stands here - waiting for - another John
One more night - doesn't count - anyway
No way out - a stranded girl - in red light
Expensive stuff - let you work - at this place

Seductive syringe

Those old false friends - they're gone - left her
A big car stops - an old man inside - ugly and fat
"How much is it?" - "I'm rich!" - "So let's go!"
Text morning - you'll buy - another ration

Having no hope - my time is timeless
Worthless bulk - only for earning money
Used to be a - MANhandled person
Lost the pride - of a lighthearted girl

Seductive syringe
Abyss of Addiction
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